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Affordable Cabins and Sheds
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High Quality Wooden Storage Sheds, Cleveland
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High Quality Wooden Storage Sheds
Cleveland, Tennessee. Northern Georgia.

You don't have to take our word that our products are reliable and cost efficient. Read through our satisfied client testimonials, and you'll see why Affordable Cabins and Sheds is the first choice in storage sheds.

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"Just wanted to compliment your crew (Bryan, Sam, and Shannon) that came out today. Fantastic job! Courteous, prompt, and good craftsmen. Good group!"
Robert Landenberger
Knoxville, TN

The building looks great. John called me Thursday to let me know they planned to arrive at 8:30 Friday. He and Billy actually got here at 7:30 Central Time (8:30 Eastern). We finalized the details on the placement of the barn doors and the two windows. They began work immediately and worked hard all day. By 4:00pm they had finished the building, cleaned up the area and loaded the trailer for their return. They were polite, efficient, and had a great work ethic. They are valuable resources for your business. Thanks for a fantastic experience."

Wendell Johnson
Huntsville, AL
"I would like to thank you for the crew (John, Billy, and Chad) you sent here. Hard working, professional group. Thanks."
Tony Templin
Chattanooga, TN
"Hey Marty,

I just wanted to touch back with you. The shed is awesome! I finally finished getting it painted. Thank you!"

Scott Evans
Chapel Hill, TN

Your guys (Bryan & Sam) did a great job. I’m real pleased. Thank you again."

Austin Magdos
Knoxville, TN
"Thank you so much for getting the building done early! My neighbor sent me pictures and it looks great!! Can’t wait to go see it in person! Again, thank you so much! God bless!"
Tammy Powell
Sevierville, TN
"1 Year later our shed looks just as good as the day you guys built it! So please with the quality. Thanks so much."
Matthew Carder
Fort Oglethorpe, GA
"We are very excited with our new shed. The crew (Bryan, Sam, and Shannon) did a great job. Thank you for coming out our way."
Shawn Pross
Pigeon Forge, TN
"We couldn't be happier with our building. The size will be just right for our needs. The crew ( Levon, Jessica, Tanner & Q) were exceptional. They offered advice when asked, their work was high quality and they worked quickly. They cleaned up when finished and we're all around great folks to work with. Marty and Terry took great care of us, even though I called them with lots of questions. We'd definitely recommend Affordable Cabins & Sheds to everyone. Thanks again."
Mary Rye
Detroit, AL
"Brian, Sam and Shannon did a Great Job on my shed. The Shed was built in a very fast and efficient manner. I can see why you stay so busy in this business. Thank You for a Job Well done!!"
Don Kendall
Hixson, TN

I seem to remember you wanted a picture of the painted shed for warranty purposes. We painted it today, I've attached picture of it. We're really enjoying the shed, thank you!"

Jake Mitchell
Huntsville, AL
"Hey Marty,

Just wanted to send picture to show that the barn is painted for warranty purposes. We’re really enjoying all the storage space. Thanks again for such a quality building."

Brad Ledford
Sylva, NC

The guys did a fantastic job today building the shed. Its top-notch quality and the work shows it. They (Bryan, Sam, and Conrad) came about 6:30am and were done by 3 pm. They were professional and answered any questions I had. I will enjoy having this shed in my back yard. Thanks"

William Roland
Conyers, GA

Really nice building. Far superior to the portable buildings. (Installers: Bryan, Sam, and Conrad)"

Tim Deitz
Soddy daisy, TN
"The shed install went smooth yesterday, and the crew (John & Cody) seemed very competent and friendly. The best part was that it was complete in 5 hours. Great experience overall. Thanks"
Mike Brow
Knoxville, TN
"Last Thursday your people put up a 10×12 shed for me. I just want you to know how greatly impressed I was with the energy and go Get-Em your crew had. You sent out Levon and his crew. From 8am to 5pm they were in atrocious heat. They were efficient and it was easy to see they knew what they were doing. There was never any lost motion in anything they did. My next door neighbor has a green shade of envy from looking at it and I won't be surprised if you hear from him."
Bob Howard
Atlanta, GA

"I can't fully describe in words how impressed I've been with all aspects of the process of having my 12×28 barn style shed built. When I first Googled shed builders in N Georgia I searched many sites, but when I found there's I was very impressed. I really liked how they listed all the styles, prices and extensive gallery of photos. When I e-mailed them I got a quick response and f/u phone call from Terry. My first question was did that include labor? I couldn't believe there prices. They weren't much more than the DIY kits I had looked at. From there on the process was quick and easy. I scheduled the build and they gave me the week it would be done, when that time came I set up a day with Marty. The night before I got a call from the building crew and they showed up on time to start work; and work they did. John and his young partner Cody put in a 14 hour day on one of the hottest days in a while and built my huge shed from scratch in one day. There craftsmanship was as good as there manors and work ethic. Mike Rowe would be proud. At the end of day they cleaned up the job site and made sure I was satisfied before accepting payment. I'd also like to say the building materials used were high quality. Trust me when I say if you see anything on their website you want built you won't be disappointed. The name really says it all, Affordable Sheds and cabins."
John Munk
Epworth, GA
"With very little work and money, we were able to insulate the whole inside of our workshop, build a loft, put plywood on the inside and build a ramp. I wired it first, then did all the interior work. It added a lot of strength to the building, not that it needed it. They (Levon and his crew) did such a great job building it on our lot, but it is hot down here so we insulated the walls, ceiling and then put plywood over it. I love the job you all did, sturdy, and accepted the paint after curing perfectly. Happy about the job, price. Thanks again."
Dan Anderson
McDonough, GA
"I am very pleased with my new shed. Everything that Marty said would be done was right on, the date the price, the workmanship, and the clean-up. We highly recommend this company for the quality of work and the people who do it (Bryan and Sam)…"
Jeffrey Murphy
Maryville, TN
"Thanks Marty,

Love my new building. It is above and beyond what I expected. Levon and Brandon and the crew was so professional and went out of their way to insure that I was pleased. Such good workers who are not ashamed to let GOD shine through their life. Will recommend to everyone"

Dale Jennings
Cleveland, TN
"Marty and Terry

I can say I did inquire on a number of different shed suppliers in the the tri city's and when I came across their add on Craig’s list and I needed to call. I was very pleased with Terry when he and I spoke on the phone and when he ended the conversation I was pleased to know that I believed I was working with like minded people. I'm moving our family to north east Tennessee after owning our auto repair business for the last fifteen years so I know a thing or two about customer service and how the person on the phone can make or break a new customer. All this being said I think I have only written one or two other reviews in my life. When I called I was told they where approximately four weeks out and with us still going back and forth between homes I really needed something a little faster and let Terry know that. So after thinking about it for a day or so I called back to art it up and when Marty called to get the timing down he told me he may be able to get me in in a week and I was amazed and when the night before came I got the call from the crew leader Levon and I was pleased to know that these guys do go the extra mile to do what they can to accomplish what they say.

The next morning Levon , Branden and Matt showed with the billy trailer loaded and ready to hit it. I really enjoyed the crew as they where fun to work with cause with my personality it wasn't long before I jumped in to lend a hand as I have built many structures myself but this time I didn't have the time or the help. I can say Levon runs a non-stop crew and I almost had to make them stop for a few minutes when I went to pickup some lunch for them. On a personal note the crew I received on my site was like minded to myself and my family and once again I was pleased that I choose this company if not for any other reason but the fact that they are believers in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I know a lot of people want to hear about the shed and such but I think the people are much more important to me then the shed don't get me wrong the shed was well built and everything I was promised in the contract. As it was in my auto repair business it is the people that make the difference and there is a lot of bad contractors as well as auto mechanics so take it from me when I say the people matter most. I can say that when it was all done and the boys went home ( 3 hour drive ) I did find something out of place and needed fixing I call Marty and within minutes Levon was calling me to go over it. I always told my customers that I will make a mistake now and then and when I do please judge me for what I do about it do I take care of you or make excuses and I can tell you I was very successful for that reason. Levon and I talked it over and I told him it wasn't an earth shattering problem and hated to have to have them come all that way but it needed to get handled and Levon stepped right up and told me he would get it handled and on Good Friday he came up to fix the problem. SO LIKE I SAID IT IS THE PEOPLE MORE THEN THE PRODUCT FOR ME. Cause if you have good people you will have a good product. So if you all are wondering yes I will probably have another shed built and it will be by affordable sheds and it will be by Levon Brandon And Matt Lord willing they are all in good health and all together at that time. Thanks for reading all my rambling and hope this helps you make up your mind on what type on people you want to give your hard earned money to and feel good about it."

Thanks Jerry Stein Wisconsin/Tennessee GO PACKERS
Kingsport, TN
"I am very pleased with my new shed. Affordable Cabins and Sheds is a well ran company, and a pleasure to deal with. The price quoted was the price paid. The date scheduled was the date it was built. The quality of craftsmanship by Levon and his crew was impressive. They made sure that the floor was exactly square and level. Every wall was exactly square and plumb. There are no "that's close enough" gaps or cracks anywhere. This type of work ethic is rare in today's world. I come from a construction background and can tell if it is done correctly, and this crew did. I would highly recommend Affordable Cabins and Sheds, and especially Levon's crew!"
Bobby Hendon
Calera, AL
"This is a great company. Marty and his staff are super friendly and professional. The crew (John, Mike, and Cody) arrived early and finished my building, a 14×24 Barn roof, in one day. If you need a building you won't go wrong with them. Highly recommended! 5 stars!"
Jonathan Maddox
Sylvania, AL

Purchased the 12 x 20 storage building at the home show in Chattanooga. I was sold by the quality of the building at the show. Crew of Levon, Brandon and Matt was on site by 7 AM. Very organized from the loaded trailer to the shed completion at 4PM! I have never seen a crew as efficient as these three! Not a wasted motion the whole day. It was joy just to watch these guys work, better than watching HGTV!! (May need to send these guys to Washington!). They were very meticulous. If a nail wasn't straight, it was pulled out and re-nailed. Building looks great and the construction is near perfection! Highly recommend the crew and building!"

Tony Sturdivant
Ringgold, GA
"I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. Great owner, manager and fantastic crew (John, Mike and Cody) that came out. I would recommend them to everyone looking to build a shed. I thought their prices were too good to be true, but after much research, I couldn't find anything negative about this company. Just good, christian men staying honest and not ripping people off. Thank you so much Affordable Cabins and Sheds, I will be sending plenty more business your way!!!!"
Brandi Ray
Hendersonville, TN
"Great job by Levon Ivey and Brandon Goins, Shed looks more like a small house. Beautiful job, couldn't have done a better job. Glad I contacted Affordable Cabins and Sheds I am one happy customer."
Dan Anderson
McDonough, GA
"Wanted a shed for a great price using great materials. Called Marty and set it up. Mike W and his guys came out in morning and by 530pm was packing the trailer and left me with an awesome looking shed. Shed has plenty of pressure treated wood all over it and looks like it’s going to last a long time. Very well built and the guys were super nice. Highly recommend. Mike W and coworker were very knowledgeable and the end product is beautiful."
Roger Kapoor
Marietta, Georgia.

"Hey Terry,

I would just like to thank the affordable sheds crew (Bryan, Sam, and Cody) for all they did in helping build our little home away from home. The guys were very accommodating with me being from out of town. They all worked in a fast and professional way and I really appreciate the distance they drove to come build it. I would highly recommend these guys to everyone."

Billy White
Waynesboro, TN/ Saint Cloud, FL

"Hey Marty,

We love our new shed. The crew that came out (Brian, Sam and Cody) were wonderful. We definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great built out building"

Kimberly and David Cardwell
Mascot, TN
"Hey Terry,

Great quality shed professional built at an affordable price!! Thanks"

Al Phillips
Madison, AL
"Hi Marty,

Let me say the crew, Brian, Sam, and Cody did a superb job yesterday."

Harry Taylor
Sevierville, TN
"Happy New Year!

Attaching some pictures of the shed, looks great. Maybe when we get it painted I'll remember to send photos. Thanks so much!!!"

Joy Wynn
Mineral Bluff, GA
"Thanks Marty,

John and his crew did an outstanding job.

They brought the daylight with them each morning and I have never seen anyone more organized. We look forward to many years of enjoyment with our new bunkhouse."

Mack & Linda Gibbs
Murphy, NC

Thanks for a job well done "

Gary and Cookie Haber
Red Bank, TN

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but moving has time getting away from us.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your help in getting the build complete – WOW – you have a great customer service !!

The crew leader, Brian, was on-sight a little before 7:00AM as promised and was done @ 1:00PM – STUNNING – Brian and his crew worked together like a well-oiled machine!!! I'd say clock-like precision; it was like each of them knew what the others needed before anything was said!! AMAZING!!

The shed looks great, they left everything neat and clean and I am one VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!! The neighbors were also impressed (I'll send them your way if any get really interested, eh?)! Thanks again for all your help, and please pass on a "Job Well Done" to Brian and his crew for me. God Bless,"

Patrick Zaczyk
Clarksville, TN

John and his crew did an outstanding job for us today. We now have an awesome 10×16 shed. We live in a subdivision with very narrow roads and steep hills. Your on-site construction was the perfect solution to the problems of moving a pre-constructed building to the site. If you are looking for a shed… call these guys!"

Michael Harp
Coosawatee River Resort – Ellijay GA
"Marty and Terry,

My building looks very good. The guys that built it were very nice and Courteous, and did a great job. I think their names were Bryan, Sam and Hayden. They are very hard workers."

Don Haynes
Hixson, TN

Love it! We just had our first shed completed today. The crew arrived when they said they would, finished the work in a timely manner (in one day!), and left the worksite clean. We are very pleased with the work quality and professionalism and looking forward to our next purchase."

Jim and Sharon Pelfrey
Maryville, TN

I just wanted to touch base with you about my new shed. Your men, Sam, Brian and crew were here when they said they'd be, started working immediately, and didn't stop until the job was done, just 6 hours later! I am thoroughly impressed with their craftsmanship and quality of work. The men greeted me and said goodbye with a handshake, something men just do not do much anymore. My neighbors are standing in their yards just admiring my new shed as I type. Please tell your men I said good job! I will be referring your business to all of my friends!"

Jerry Scott
Cleveland, TN

Thanks for getting our shed built before this weekend.

We will move our daughter’s furniture into it this weekend.

This will save us a lot of time and trouble."

Brother in Christ
Eddie Born
Chickamauga, GA
"Hi Marty.

I have attached a photo of my newly painted shed for your viewing, and to also keep the warranty. A good buddy of mine painted it for me while I'm overseas. I am very happy with the shed, and the guys did a great job building it."

Thank you,
Greg Logan
Gadsden, AL
"Hi Marty,

Just wanted you to know that the inspector was here yesterday, Garage passed with flying colors. Thank you and your crew (John, Mike, and Cody) so much for all your hard work. We are very pleased. I am attaching a time lapse video I made of the construction process, if you'd like to see it."

Again, thank you so much!!
Lisa Stoner
Johnson City, TN
"Good Afternoon Marty,

I just wanted to let you know my shed is beautiful and well built. Thanks to you and the guys (John, Mike, and Cody). They were really nice and cleaned up very well."

Thank You
Debbie Neutze
Hazel Green, AL
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